Innovation Challenge

Students will take part in an innovative competition where they will have to solve a big world problem.

Let's Make A Change


We are all part of the solution!

The program takes place in different centers simultaneously, allowing students to work together sharing perspectives and a common goal.

Students will develop the capacity of understanding global issues, positioning themselves as a citizen who thinks and interacts globally and who can create solutions to problems we face. 

On the first day of the program, we announce to students the theme of the year - A great global challenge! This theme will follow us throughout the challenge, both in the classroom and field trips.

Teams of students will create a startup or an innovative project that seeks the solution of this real problem or one of its impacts. During the program, students will take entrepreneurship classes so they can understand how to put their ideas into practice.

At the end of two weeks, all the groups present their projects to an evaluation bank, which decides the great winner.


During classes, among others, we will be working in the following 21st-century skills:


Decision Making  | Critical Thinking | Team management 
Written and verbal communication | Content Development 
Negotiation | Leadership | Teamwork | Empathy | Self-Awareness


The challenge will encourage students to explore and question their values ​​and attitudes about their ability to impact locally and globally, their connections with others, and their understanding of how they relate to different cultures and deal with various issues.

There are different ways you and your school can be part of it:

Your team will travel to one of our centers and stay with us for 2 weeks during the program.

Your school can be a center and host the program. You will be able to do everything through our digital platform.

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