Innovation Challenge

Come and join us for a summer of change!


Our program combines lessons with cultural activities in July. It takes place inside a university campus, where students stay in the residences, in shared rooms divided by gender and all meals are offered at the university's cafeteria.

The programs include:

- Accommodation
- Food
- Transport
- Courses
- Tours with tickets
- Security 24/7
- One school chaperone


Our Centers


In London, the program takes place on the campus of Oundle School.

About 40 minutes from central London the Oundle School is one of the most prestigious British boarding school. Founded in 1556 it was home to several Nobel Prize winners!

in New York, the program takes place inside the campus of Manhattan College


About 40 minutes from downtown, Manhattan College offers an incredible infrastructure for our students. It has a rich history dating back to 1853. Today, it is one of only 182 colleges in the nation that was established before the Civil War.

This is an example of our day by day at one of our centers:

 "We all live with the objective of being happy; Our lives are all different and yet the same.”


Anne Frank

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