Our International Programs

Field Trips

Our Customized Field Trips are designed to align with:

- The mission and values of your school

- Your vision and purpose for traveling with students

- Your school’s curriculum

- Specific course content

- Your school’s favorite destinations!

Step 1: Contact Us


​Connect with us to discuss your program options and customization. After this talk you will receive a program proposal and together we can work to adjust the itinerary to meet your needs and goals.

Step 2: Recruit students (Don`t worry! We'll help you!)

Receive a program webpage, presentation and other materials that you will use to share the program information with your students and their families.
Encourage students and their parents to attend an information meeting in your school, hosted by one Citizen of the Future consultant.
Get full support from our administrative team for student enrollment, flight booking, and payment assistance.

Step 3: Travel with your group!

Arrive in your destination! Meet your Camo Manager, immerse in local culture,  make new friends, and create amazing memories.

Make your students global citizens!

Language Program

During our Language Summer Camp students participate in classes and excursions, always fun and educational! Our courses are specially designed for students to learn in the classroom everything that will be seen and done during the trip. In the morning they study about the places they will visit during the afternoon.

Students will have 15 hours of English classes per week. These hours are divided into 15 one-hour sessions, and all classes are held in the morning! Classes are divided by age, level, and nationality to provide as good a mix as possible in all classes.

The focus of all of our lessons is communication, and so our lessons are designed to make that easier.

Being with students from other countries is a fun and easy way for students to practice what they have learned or already know!

The classes are dynamic and adapted to the challenge of today's world. Imagine being in class, but entirely out of regular school routine. They will find teachers deeply connected with multicultural reality.

Our Summer Camp takes place at Boarding Schools in the UK, such as Rugby School.


- Accommodation
- Meals
- Transportation
- Courses
- Tours with Tickets (Including London Eye, Musical and more)
- Guide 24/7
- 1 Chaperone for every 10 students

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