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Online Innovation Challenge

Host the challenge in your city!

Schools Centers are centers around the world! 

Partner schools register to host the challenge in their country and offer the program to their community. This brings the opportunity for many students to participate in this international and transformative experience without leaving their school!


This modality of the program can also work by preparing and maturing younger students who will participate in the Challenge the following year at one of our centers.

Our platform is based on G Suite for Education, which makes it extraordinarily collaborative and intuitive. In it, students and teachers will find all the necessary content for the program, such as the project briefing, videos of the classes, activities, forums to exchange ideas with other educators around the world, space for collaboration between students. Also, they will be able to watch from their VR cardboard lives from our centers, lectures, and visits! Your students will be able to participate in everything, collaborate, and most importantly: impact their community with innovative ideas!

Students are divided into groups of no more than 6 participants to develop their projects.


From each center, there will be a winner who will compete in the grand final.

Join us for this amazing experience!

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